The Call for Speakers DREAM20 is open!

The next DREAMevent will be held on the 1st of October 2020 in Hotel van der Valk in Vianen. As in previous years, we are looking for speakers who can provide information, insights and experiences on topics related to Business Analysis. The audience of our event is mainly Dutch (but in general fluent in English), therefor a substantial part of our program is Dutch, but we are looking for some international proposals as well.

The theme of this year is Creativity. We chose this subject because it is one of the core values of our profession, as complex problems ask for creative solutions. Besides, there is a growing trend to use all kinds of creative techniques next to the well known 
analysis techniques. Reason enough to ask you to take a look at this theme and think about how creativity can influence our profession of business analysis. We are therefore counting on an inspiring DREAMevent

In the selection of the proposals we will look for proposals that link best/ most to the theme. If the program allows it, and other proposals are also very inspiring we might include some other proposals.

As the program will run with 4 parallel tracks within the theme Creativity, we have picked 4 areas to relate your proposal to. These areas are:

  • Analysis
  • Tools/Techniques
  • Communication
  • Innovation

Do you have a subject you wish to discuss with an informed audience, made up of your analysis peers? Or is there a member of your team who has some interesting experiences to share? Send your proposal for an inspiring talk about a case study or a creative workshop at the DREAM20 event!

How to submit your proposal:
Proposals can be sent to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. A proposal consists of:

  • Name and role of speakers, and the name of the employer.
  • Speakers experience.
  • Subject of the proposal.
  • Suggestion for the area where the proposal fits: Analysis, Tools/Techniques, Communication, Innovation.
  • Title of the presentation/workshop.
  • Short outline of the contents of the proposal.
  • The way in which the subject is presented, for instance workshop, presentation, case study.

Important to realize:

  • Feedback on earlier DREAM events shows that our visitors appreciate presentations, that relate to their day to day practice, the most.
  • Proposals where business stakeholders co-host or are otherwise involved in the presentation are preferred by the Program board.


15 Mar 2020 Call for Speakers DREAM20 is closed.
25 Mar 2020 Feedback of the Program Board whether the proposal is selected.
5 April 2020 Selected speakers send a one-pager with the outline of the presentation and a good photo.
11 April 2020 First part of the program is published.
16 May 2020 Speakers send first version of the presentation.
19 Sept 2020 Final presentations are ready and shared with the Program Board.
1 Oct 2020 DREAM event. With approval of the speaker, the presentation will be published on our website. This will be at the day of the event at the earliest.

We are looking forward to your proposals.

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Kind regards,
DREAM20 Program Board: Geertje Appel (LeBlanc Advies), Jeroen Ike (Entrador), Sven van der Zee (NS), Jeanette Schutte (Atos), Jan Willem Zaalberg (Atos)