Met trots kondigen wij de volgende sprekers voor DREAM22 aan: Tom Siebeneicher en Sander Dur!

Het event krijgt met deze sprekers een internationaal karakter en de enthousiasmerende en interactieve presentatie in de plenaire zaal zal dan ook in het Engels gegeven worden. Hieronder stellen beide sprekers zich kort voor en geven ze een sneak peak van hun presentatie!

Tom mainly focuses on transforming large-scale companies into agile organizations and designing the future operating models for these organizations. Before building his authority mission around this topic, he worked as a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, or Agile Coach in different industries within and outside the field of software development. With Sander Dur, he hosts a monthly MeetUp Pizzagility where current challenges of the agile world are on the agenda.

Sander is a Professional Scrum Trainer at, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Product Owner, and Lead Agile Consultant at Xebia. At, he teaches Scrum classes around the world. He gained experience as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Leadership consultant in many different top-tier organizations, including Nike, ASML, Sky Media, and GrandVision Latin-America. Advocating psychological safety, Sander has a people-centered approach. Let’s connect! Sander is always up for new connections and discussions!


A quick teaser what their presentation is about:

One of the worst things a Scrum Team can do when creating value is procrastinating. Not doing what matters right now. It seems to us that the «right now» part is quite often overlooked and therefore we’re not creating the beautiful products we could be building.

But we found out what is causing the problem here. And it’s infectious. It has already been spreading throughout the majority of large organizations. During this talk, we hope to help you diagnose whether your company has contracted it, too. But before we do that, let us tell you what it is. We’re getting shivers just thinking about it. It’s called… TANS (There’s Always a Next Sprint)!

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